Tarot of Delphi

Devotee of Cupsreflection

Ace of Swords ideas

Eight of Wandsspeed

Take time to deliberate over weighty issues. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by others or rushed into making choices that you will later regret. Consider all the options and you may find an answer you hadn’t thought of before. When it comes to you, the light bulb moment will seem so blindingly obvious you’ll forget all the other options in a flash.


Tarot of Delphi

Three of Wandsbranching out

Ace of Coinsfertility

Two of Coinsjuggling

This shepherd girl is spinning as she guards her flock, multi-tasking indeed. Maybe you are thinking of starting up a small business, working from home, something crafty. A connection to the earth, to nature, recycling and upcycling makes you feel good about your work. Remember though, that you will also have to juggle job and home life when your office is where you live. There will be constant distractions – housework, pets, the garden. I like to think the shepherd girl will be crocheting or knitting or weaving with the wool from those sheep, because her friends are desperately in need of some clothes…

If Only

Tarot of Delphi

Ace of Cups divine love

Judgement ethics

The Emperor authority

The Emperor Constantine looks as if he wishes he could swap places with the beggar’s dog here. Life is filled with difficult choices and when you have power and authority those decisions become ever more unpleasant. If only it could be all sweetness and light with everybody loving one another unconditionally. What a dream of an ideal world. Unfortunately, humans are far from ideal in so many ways – what complicated creatures we all are, each wanting different things, so much conflict, each convinced our desires are more important than the next person’s. How to keep so many people happy all at the same time? It’s an impossible struggle never to be satisfactorily concluded. All we can try to do is make decisions that we can live with.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Drunken Tarot
The Druid Craft Tarot

Today’s mood is – Devil may give a shit.


Question – Should I have another drink?

The Druid Craft Tarot

3 of Cups – CHEERS!

10 of Wands – You’re gonna have one helluva hangover in the morning.

7 of Cups – Oh my Christ, WHAT DID I DO last night?

Conclusion – Aughhhh… stop shouting and just hold my hair back.

Yes You Can

Hanson-Roberts Tarot

10 of Rods – burden

Queen of Pentacles – skilled

King of Cups – fulfillment

Have you taken on a huge task? And now you’re wondering why you accepted it? It may seem overwhelming at first, maybe even impossible but you have the capability to do this and you will do it, with aplomb. If anyone can do it you can. And when you have completed the job you can sit back and enjoy that glass of wine with a sense of achievement and accept the inevitable compliments on your creativity.

Time Well Spent

Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Page of Pentacles – study

Wheel of Fortune – flux

5 of Cups – perspective

The idea of learning a new skill or taking on studies may seem like a headache at the moment but look to the future and visualise how that course will improve your life. Focus not on what you need to give up now, the time it will take or the cost of the course; concentrate instead on the new you, where that knowledge or diploma will take you and the dizzy heights to which you can aspire. Some things are worth the sacrifice.


Art of Life Tarot

4 of Pentacles – beware materialism

8 of Wands – movement

Knight of Cups – impetuous action

Treasure those things in life that are truly of value, reassess what you care about and guard it fiercely. All it takes is one moment of madness for everything to be changed forever, one single rash act and you could so easily lose what you come to realise was the very jewel you were always seeking.


Aquarian Tarot

2 of Cupspassion

The Chariotambition

The Staroptimism

Today is the day to create your magnum opus. Your passion fires you up like never before, motivating you to great heights – the sky is the limit. It’s a dancing down the street sort of day! You can’t put a foot wrong. Go ahead and show off; nothing and no-one can drag you down today. You are a comet with a peacock’s tail – blaze yourself a trail!


Aquarian Tarot

10 of Cupsdomestic bliss

Death – an end (and a beginning?)

4 of Swordstime to rest

It may feel as if something good is coming to an end. That could also mean the time has arrived for a new start. Which is a great way to distract yourself from the sadness of the loss. Rebound! It all seems a bit daunting and overwhelming. Whether the end is real or imagined you need to take a step back and rest a while, let the dust settle, get some clarity. Don’t go jumping into something new until you’ve had time to reflect. Perhaps it’s not the end but just a pause… before a new chapter begins.